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Cambodia Visa and Passport Requirements


A passport valid for six months is required for entry into Cambodia.


Visas are required by all nationals referred to in the chart above.

Visa note:

Applications should included a self-addressed envelope for the return of passports. You must provide your flight details or travel itinerary with your visa application.

Nationals flying in to Phnom Penh or Siem Reap International Airport should be able to apply for a 30-day visa on arrival in Cambodia, but it is strongly advised to check the current situation before flying.

Nationals of Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the UK are also eligible to apply for an ACMECS visa, which is a 90-day joint visa allowing entry to Thailand and Cambodia. It's only really worth obtaining this visa if you're planning on spending more than 30 days in Thailand however, as nationals of these countries can travel visa-free to Thailand for visits of 30 days or less.

Nationals not referred to in the chart above are advised to contact the embassy to check visa requirements.

Overstaying is serious and you’ll be detained until a fine is paid.
Types and cost:

Tourist (single-entry): £15; business (single-entry): £20; tourist e-Visa (single-entry): US$28.

Visitors can apply for an electronic visa (e-Visa) online through the Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation ( It’s advisable to apply for this at least two weeks before your departure. It is possible to change a departure date after you have applied for a visa, as long as it is before the visa expiry date. You can only use an e-Visa at certain border crossings, so check in advance that it will be valid at your port of entry.

If you apply for an ACMECS visa from the Cambodian Embassy, you pay the usual tourist visa fee for Cambodia then pay Thailand's tourist visa fee at the international border.

All visas are valid for 30 days and must be used within three months of the date of issue.

The ACMECS visa is valid for 90 days from the date of issue, allowing up to 60 days in Thailand and up to 30 days in Cambodia.
Application to:

Consulate (or consular section of embassy) or online (see above).
Working days:

Visas for Cambodia typically take five working days if you apply in person or 12 working days for postal applications. E-Visas are issued within three working days, with the visa delivered electronically to the applicant's mailbox.
Extension of stay:

Extensions of up to one extra month for tourist visas, or one, three, six or 12 months for business visas (which can be multiple-entry) may be granted by the Immigration Department in Phnom Penh.
Entry with children:

All children above 12 years old require a visa, whether they have their own passport or not. Children under 12 do not need their own visa, provided they are travelling on their parent's passport.
Entry restrictions:

Pets require a microchip, a rabies vaccination certificate and a vet health certificate to travel to Cambodia.
Embassies and tourist offices
British Embassy in Cambodia

27-29 Street 75, Sangkat Srah Chak, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh
Telephone: (0) 23 427 124. Website: Opening times: Mon-Thurs 0815-1200, 1300-1645.

Visa Cambodia - Visas & Vaccinations

 Cambodian Visas

Passport/visa requirements: In order to visit Cambodia, a visa is required for most nationalities. A passport with at least six month validity is required. Philippine and Malaysian nationals do not require tourist visas for a stay up to 21 and 30 days respectively. Singaporean nationality is also exempt from the usual visa requirement. Visa on arrival is not permitted for holders of the following passports: Afghanistan; Algeria; Bangladesh; Iran; Iraq; Pakistan; Saudi Arabia; Sri Lanka; and Sudan. Holders of these passports must obtain a Cambodian visa before arriving in the country. Holders of these passports are also required to hold a sponsor letter or invitation from a company / organization / travel agent, and you are also advised to hold a valid return ticket.

Availability: It is very easy to travel to Cambodia. Cambodian visas are available to most nationalities on arrival at all international airports in Cambodia (Phnom Penh and Siem Reap), at overseas Cambodian embassies , at most international border crossing checkpoints in Cambodia, and through the online E-Visa procedure.

Issuance requirements and price: Issuance of a visa on arrival at the airports and international border crossings is relatively quick and easy, taking about 20-30 minutes. One 4x6 photo is required.

 30-day tourist visa (Type ‘T’): US$20
Tourist visas can be extended for one month, but only one time.

30-day business visa (Type ‘E’): US$25
Business visas can be renewed indefinitely, one month, three months, six months or one year at a time.

 Diplomatic, Official, Courtesy, and Special (Cambodian) visas are issued free of charge.

 At overland international border checkpoints with Thailand, visa prices are often set in Thai baht making them significantly more expensive than the official visa price in US dollars. See below.

E-Visa: The Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs now offers 'e-visa' - visas available online through the Ministry's website. Scan of passport and passport size photo required. Payment by credit card. US$25 for a 30 day visa (three month validity.) Processing time: 3 days. Issued by email and print from your computer. The Ministry recently announced that e-visa entry points now include Siem Reap International Airport, Phnom Penh International Airport, the Bavet/Moc Bai border crossing, the Poipet/Aranyaprathet border crossing and the Koh Kong/Had Lek border crossing. To order an E-visa see the following website:

Visas at Overland Border Crossings
Border crossing with Laos: Border policies are not stable. Travelers report that Cambodian visas are available at the border but Laotian visas are not available at the border.

Border crossings with Vietnam: Cambodian visas are available at the Moc Bai/Bavet and 'Chau Doc' border crossings. There is conflicting information about the availability of Cambodian visas at Prek Chak. Vietnamese visas are not available at any overland border crossing.

Border crossings with Thailand: Cambodian visas and 30-day Thai transit visas are available at all Thai/Cambodian border crossings. Thai transit visas are free of charge. Other types of Thai visas are not available.

Border Crossing Scams/Annoyances
Be prepared for minor scams at the overland border crossings, especially at Koh Kong and Poipet, though similar reports are beg.

Scam #1: The most consistently reported inconvenience at the border is being overcharged for Cambodian visas. At the Poipet and Koh Kong crossings, Cambodian immigration usually charges 1200-1500 baht for a tourist visa and 1500-1700 baht for a business visa. Unlike the rest of the country, they usually refuse dollars. At current exchange rates, the price in baht is significantly more expensive than the official prices of $20 and $25. Some people have had some success paying the official price in dollars by being politely insistent. Another way to try to avoid the problem is to get an e-visa in advance so that you don't need to get a visa at the border.

Scam #2: Drivers and touts will insist that you need their help to obtain a visa. This is not true. They want to charge an extra fee. The visa process is easy, straightforward and do-it-yourself. Do not accept their ‘assistance’ as it is not necessary and will only lengthen the process and increase the cost.

Scam #3: Immigration police may try to charge 100 baht for the normally free exit/entry stamp. Try asking for a receipt.

Scam #4: Immigration police may try to charge 100-300 baht for a SARS Form and/or Swine Flu Form. These forms, when they are required, are supposed to be free. Try asking for a receipt.

When dealing with officials, there is usually room for polite explanations and bargaining. One sometimes-successful approach is to smile, say "no, thank you", smile some more, perhaps act like you don't understand and walk away. This technique may or may not work but it has a greater likelihood of success than simply refusing to do what they are asking or, even worse, becoming argumentative or showing anger.

None are required but some may be advisable.

Travel physicians often recommend some or all of the following vaccinations and prophylactics. This list was compiled from magazine articles about travel in Cambodia. IT IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE. Consult your travel physician and the to determine which if any of the vaccinations you should receive.

Hepatitis A - A food borne disease, not uncommon in Cambodia.

Vaccination: Injection series.

Hepatitis B - Transmitted primarily by sexual contact, shared needles and contaminated blood. Prevalent in Cambodia.

Vaccination: Injection series.

Typhoid - A food borne disease, not uncommon in Cambodia.

Vaccination: Injection or pill series.

Japanese Encephalitis - A mosquito borne disease. Limited to parts of Cambodia.

Vaccination: Injection series.
Cholera - A food/water borne disease. Occasional outbreaks in some parts of Cambodia.

Vaccination: Injection.
Rabies - A bodily fluid borne disease. Present in Cambodia. Generally limited to certain professions.

Vaccination: Injection series.
Malaria - A mosquito borne disease. Prevalent in some parts of Cambodia.

Vaccination: None. Prophylactic pills and/or good mosquito prevention habits. Mefloquine (Lariam) resistance has been reported in Cambodia.

Tetanus - Make sure your tetanus vaccination is up-to-date..

Vaccination: Single Injection.

Childhood diseases - polio, measles, mumps, rubella, etc - If you are going to be working with children such as  doing volunteer work at and orphanage or teaching, it may be advisable to update your childhood disease vaccinations.

Other diseases of concern:
AIDS/HIV - A bodily fluid borne disease. Prevalent in Cambodia, particularly amongst commercial sex workers. Avoid blood products except in emergencies. Practice safe sex.
Dengue Fever - A mosquito borne disease. Prevalent in some parts of Cambodia, particularly at certain times of year. No vaccination or prophylactic available. Practice good mosquito bite prevention habits.
Worms - A food borne parasite. Eat at reputable restaurants. Practice good hygiene. Beware of street food. Beware of undercooked meat. 
Giardia, Salmonella - Food/water borne diseases. Eat at reputable restaurants. Practice good hygiene. Beware of street food.

Visa Cambodia - Entry requirements


You can get a visa on arrival at most ports of entry. Payment is in $US only. You will need to bring 2 passport photos.

A business visa costs US $25 for 1 month and can be renewed indefinitely. A tourist visa costs US $20 for 1 month and can be extended for only 1 extra month.

The Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs operates an electronic visa (e-Visa) facility for tourist visas only. The e-Visa costs US $20. It can only be used at the main entry points. For further information, visit website

Tourist visas issued by a Royal Cambodian Embassy abroad may appear to have a longer validity than 1 month. The validity of the visa refers to time you have to enter Cambodia. The visa is valid for 30 days from the actual date of entry into Cambodia. Make sure your passport is stamped on arrival. You can be fined, detained and deported if you overstay your visa.

If you have any queries about visas or entry requirements, check with the The Royal Cambodian Embassy.
Entering Cambodia from Laos

You can get a visa on arrival in Cambodia at the Dom Krolor checkpoint. There is also a river checkpoint at Vern Kham (9 km from the road checkpoint) but you can’t get a visa at this border crossing.

Entering Cambodia from Vietnam

You can get a visa on arrival in Cambodia from Vietnam at most border crossings. Bavet, Kaam Samnor and Phnom Den crossings are open to foreign travellers and issue Cambodian visas. The other border crossings at Trapeang Phlong, Prek Chak, O Yadaw and Trapeang Srer are reported to be open to foreign travellers and in some cases issue Cambodian visas. There are a number of other local crossing points which are only open to Cambodian and Vietnamese nationals. Seek local advice before travelling to these border crossing points.
Passport validity

Your passport should be valid for a minimum period of 6 months from the date of entry into Cambodia. Entry is normally refused if you have a damaged passport or pages missing.
Yellow fever

Yellow Fever vaccination is required for travellers arriving from countries with risk of yellow fever transmission.

UK Emergency Travel Document

UK ETDs are accepted for entry, airside transit and exit from Cambodia. If you are leaving the country using an ETD, you must get an exit visas.

Cambodia Visa

All Foreign Visitors are now able to obtain the Cambodia visa upon arrival at the airport.  It is no longer necessary to get the visa stamp at the Cambodian Embassy before your visit. Just prepare the following documents:

    A Passport Photocopy
    1 photos (3 x 4 cm)
    US$ 20 Cash for tourist visa fee (Paid directly to the Immigration)

The Cambodia Visa is issued officially at the following ports of entry:

By Air

    Pochentong Airport in Phnompenh
    Siemreap Airport (Angkor Wat Region)

By Land

Travelers can travel to/from Cambodia by land through Aranyapathet-Poipet Border and Trat-Koh Kong Border of Thailand and Moc Bai - Bavet Border of Vietnam

Cambodia Visa Validity:  3 months from the date of issue, *NOT* from the date of entry.

Duration of Stay:  30 days for single entry

Visa Extension

    Travelers who would like to prolong their stay in Cambodia may extend their visa at the Department of Immigration situated just opposite the Pochentong Airport. The visa may be extended for 30 days at the cost of USD 25.-

Visa exempted for the following ASEAN nationals:

    Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore

E-Visa or Electronic Visa

To promote tourism and investment in Cambodia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has launched e-visa or electronic visa.  Travelers who wish to visit Cambodia can apply visa online with credit card payment direct to the Ministry's website. Normal processing time takes three business days and valid for 3 months from the date of issue. Length of stay is 30 days.   Cost is US$ 20 for visa plus Us$ 5 for processing fee.

The following nationals should apply visa at the Cambodia Embassy or Consulate before traveling to Cambodia:

    Afghanistan, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nigeria
    (Requirements are letter of sponsor from his/her company, Return air ticket to/from Cambodia, One photocopy of Aien ID card)